CPS In-Motion brings best practices in cycling specific training and physiological assessment to your door! Our vision is to make all recreational and competitive cyclists aware of optimal performance training strategies and gain the most from their valuable time. It is now well known that effective training for all levels of cyclists is based on a well designed periodisation programme for long term improvement of each physiological system; the cyclist’s strength, power and endurance.

An optimal training plan depends on the personal characteristics, current fitness status and performance objectives of each individual.

Critical to the success of an personalised training programme is the understanding and information provided by an applied physiological assessment. The correct test protocol conducted at the right times will allow the cyclist or coach to know how to steer and adapt a dynamic programme. This will ensure prescribed training interventions will achieve the desired effect with optimal use of training time.

  • Accurate and reliable, physiological performance testing based on power outputs, heart rate, cadence, Relative Perceived Exertion (RPE) and blood lactate measurements.
  • All assessments are conducted by an expert physiologist under controlled lab conditions, using a state-of the-art analysis techniques.
  • Appointments include a full pre-assessment for training history appraisal and future goals of the individual. A follow-up dialogue to confirm test results and training recommendations.
  • Results are stored for convenient on-going assessment to create your complete physiological profile.
  • Fully personalised training programmes and recommended periodisation plans, using Training Peaks platform and Golden Cheetah analysis.

We offer a comprehensive service of performance assessment necessary for rapid training progression, mobile to your home or at a convenient locations around SW-London and Surrey.

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