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We can take you to the next level!

CPS In-Motion is a specialist performance coaching and physiological testing service for cyclists and runners. We provide full support to all levels of endurance athletes from as far as California, US to Italy and Poland, looking to excel or just get fitter at their discipline of choice. Our focus is always on clients goals and their journey to success.....shared success. We also support other coaches and practitioners for guidance and best practice.

As principal scientist, my background is in applied physiology, whole body metabolism and muscle biochemistry, and now, more practically I use modelling-based performance to dictate optimal training at the individual level. I design effective programmes with convenient sessions that allow individuals to fit training around their lives, yet still achieve exceptional, long term results.

I deliver revelationary performance training, through programme prescription, robust lab testing, analysis and feedback to make sure training is personalised, specific and objective to clients unique physiology and event demands. Whether a hilly sportive or international Ironman the process is simple and effective to maximise recovery and adaptation. I provide guidance on biomechanical mobility, relevant nutrition and event strategy to get competitiors to the finish line even quicker.

My personal athletic background has been lifelong distance running and cycling, competing in Europe/ US and more recently in marathon. I love to get my 'hands dirty' and involve myself practically with clients and their events...although the faster they get, the slower I become it seems, but I can still take decent photos and cheer them on! I am seeking accredited membership with BASES, as a chartered scientist.

I offer a unique service above and beyond the rest, and enjoy working with all sorts of challenging case studies...previous injury, illness, over-training or any other limitations.

Signing-up to CPS In-Motion is an important investment in well-being, athleticism and learning about physical development for your sport(s) of passion through expertly delivered performance coaching and physiological testing.


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