I am the owner and director at CPS-In Motion, a revolutionary performance coaching service provider which supports competitive cyclists and runners of all abilities. As a physiological scientist (BASES Professional, who follows their code of conduct) my speciality is in metabolism and muscle biochemistry, which allows me to effectively translate the practical needs of competition to the physical needs of an athlete. My own experience as an elite level road racing cyclist during many seasons in the Northern Italian Dolomiti drives my passion and practical understanding of the sport, and more recently moving across to duathlon and marathon, as an accomplished runner and 2011 Boston marathoner.

I tend to focus on the challenging aspects of performance which provide the greatest returns, developing power, recovery, nutrition, pacing, strength conditioning and issues for ageing athletes (veterans and masters) and long term athlete development. I believe that not only all of us are capable of achieving exceptional results, strength and endurance conditioning is the ultimate investment in health and is natural preventative medicine.

I have a process that defies conventional coaching in the traditional sense, and takes full advantage of the modern fundamentals of physiological principles at the individual level where training prescription and response count the most to reach prime cycling (a sustainable level of high performance) and peak performance when required. My information series on the Principles of Training are available free to all newsletter subscribers, form found here. Concise PDFs on the main scientific points cover Heart rate versus Power, Cadence, Ageing Athletes, Female Cyclists, Performance Coaching, How to design a Periodisation programme, optimal interval sessions and more…..

Becoming a better athlete is only as simple as prescribing evidence-based and personalised sessions to overcome limitations, improve weaknesses and work on strengths to beat the course and smash the competition. I have maintained a 100% success rate in achieving client objectives to date. All of my dynamic and responsive training programmes fit around an individuals work and family life to maximise motivation, compliance and ultimately superior conditioning as part of an effective programme rather than an unrealistic training regimen that many ‘coaches’ rely upon. The hard work is conveniently packaged and timed for you.

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