“I’ve experienced a huge increase in performance as a result of employing Simon’s services. Last season I struggled to score enough points to secure my 2nd cat racing licence; this year I’ll have no such problem. So far this season I’ve also seen a dramatic increase in my TT performances. I was already in good shape last year but now I feel genuinely much fitter and stronger.

Simon’s approach is scientific, diligent, flexible and professional and is clearly underpinned by a wealth of sports physiology knowledge. The LTP and CP tests, and the subsequent structured and detailed training plans based on them, have been excellent in pushing me to the limit. Not only do you get accurate and in-depth training plans but also an understanding of the physiological adaptations that are taking place in your body as a result. Having previously based training on VO2max tests I can categorically say that Simon’s approach, utilising lactate threshold testing, is far more accurate and useful. The tailored Periodisation Plan gives you a clear sense of direction and is an invaluable training tool in regulating volume and intensity with the aim of maximising competitiveness for the whole season.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Simon’s services to anyone looking for serious performance gain.”

Simon C - Category 2 BC Road cyclist

“The main benefit I find from having my lactate profiled, is not just that it helps you know how to read your power and heart rate data, but that it allows you to strip away some of the mental barriers you might have set around your power output, and see what your body is truly capable of. I wouldn’t have thought that I could hold 312W for an hour or so, but if my lab results show my body can handle it, then it’s just a case of holding that number and telling my legs to shut up, ‘Jensie’ style, and just do it!”

Rob P - GB Triathlete

“I subscribed to Simon’s periodisation package in November 2013 with my main objective being Le Mans, 24hr TT in August 2014. My background as an experienced rider of several years consisted of some cat 3/4 racing and lots of brisk work dodging rides with my club, but mainly custom endurance events over several days including London to Barcelona, and Portsmouth-to-Pompeii charity rides. Having aspirations for my longest and most successful day in the saddle in France, my training was structured as to raise my lactate threshold significantly and increase longer-term endurance, so that those 24hrs would be more comfortable.

I found the specific interval endurance and resistance strength sessions Simon prescribed were easily performed on dark nights with the turbo at home during my busy winter schedule. These work-outs were really effective and supplemented the planned rides very well, so by May the following year I was riding very strongly indeed. I was able to use other events as ‘training’ as a build up to the big day and make sure my progression was continuous with a volume of training always tailored to my ability and expendable time.

Being closely supported was very motivational, which in turn made me comply with the training programme as much as I could, as Simon made multiple revisions to my plan for me due to unforeseen injuries. I found the session feedback and performance analysis fascinating. Come race day, having the physical fitness to ride 600km at 35km/hr really made the difference between disappointment and satisfaction! I can not wait to plan my next challenges for 2015 and build on my current strength through a personalised plan.”

Mark D - Le Mans 24 hr survivor