INFO Series FREE Download: Ageing Athletes, Veterans and Masters.

Ageing athletes may experience a decline in performance for various reasons. A loss in muscle mass, termed sarcopenia, may be a primary physiological explanation that is reversible through appropriately focused strength and endurance conditioning. Diet and recovery are even more important for this population, which can dictate how an effective training programme will translate to performance improvements.

This FREE info series PDF highlights the significant points of the unique training challenges for veteran and master racers:

  • A basic introduction into the physiology of ageing.
  • What are the main considerations for ageing athletes?
  • How to incorporate effective strength and endurance conditioning into training.
  • Optimal nutrition to help reverse anabolic resistance or prevent muscle wasting.
  • Rest and recovery, are you getting enough?

Info Series FREE PDF Download: Ageing Athletes, Veterans and Masters.

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