INFO Series FREE Download: How to Beat the Ball-Buster!

Many participants throw away their hard-won fitness through poor pacing on race day! Learn how to set a PB time or avoid a dreaded DNF! Don’t leave success or failure to chance….CPS In-Motion will schedule an invaluable workshop session on how to prepare and beat the Ball-Buster!

CPS In-Motion applies scientific principles and physiological assessments, dynamically so that athletes achieve measureable success in their chosen event or series of races. CPS In-Motion provides both, monthly support programmes or effective online dedicated Training Peaks event-based plans.

Get in the best shape possible to smash the 2018 Ball-Buster! We will confirm a training workshop date for around Feb/Mar to be held at Destination Bike, a great LBS and café located on the Ball-Buster course!

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  • Introduction to the Ball-Buster session.
  • What Factors determine optimal performance for an event?
  • What physiological crises could affect a PB time or cause a DNF?
  • What does ‘optimal pacing’ look like practically on the day?
  • How do we apply suitable pacing on each lap and between laps?

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