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    Training programmes

    Whether you want to train for a specific event or just self-improvement, adding structure to your training prevents you from wasting valuable time and energy. Personalising your training to your own physiological data is the ultimate training tool in performance cycling, for coached and self-coached cyclists alike.

    Following an initial consultation and physiological assessment of your current performance status, we will customise the micro-cycles of periodisation with your personal schedule (using TrainingPeaks and Golden Cheetah software to track and analyse training data) and expendable training time as to maximise training response from each session to elicit the right adaptation. Following state-of-the-art principles in sports and exercise science, your plan will aim to reach seasonal peak performance in time with your event or series of events depending on your previous training history. Resistance training for strength, power and endurance as part of periodisation in the ‘off-season’ gives dedicated riders the competitive advantage and should be included in any plan. ALactate threshold training is well known to be the most effective way of improving performance that is directly translatable to ‘big’ mountain days in the saddle, for fun or competitively.  Customised modes of periodization (traditional, block and targeted) are designed to work around your responsibilities and commitments, yet achieve the right balance of training and recovery for you in an easy to digest format.

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