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Nutrition & Event Strategy

Personalised Performance Training for ALL

Maximise success at the finish line!

Once all of your personalised training sessions have been concluded, your event strategy, pacing and nutritional plans can make or break all that hard work! Your plan on the start line should have been finalised well in advance, to get the performance you deserve on the day. In the lead up to your event we conduct follow-up assessments to not only capture improvements in lactate threshold power-to-weight and pace, and critical power but also match your strengths with event demands so that you can optimise pacing and regulate energy expenditure to get you across the start line in the fastest possible time.

We can provide a detailed pacing strategy to exploit the challenges of your chosen event; a mountainous granfondo, hilly sportive, or even varied terrain duathlon…often the most experienced competitors can fall foul of not sticking to their pacing or nutritional strategy, resulting in a finish time difference of minutes or even hours and much disappointment!

Not only can training and racing with a power meter allow for specifically predictive times over a course, but provide a good basis for the amount of fat being burnt or carbohydrate that needs to be replaced. For those without power, target event intensities may be translated into heart rate, although this may often suffer from misinterpretation over longer events as fatigue, dehydration and even improved endurance economy can influence fluctuations in relative cardio-respiratory effort.

CPS In-Motion collaborate with Cycling Power Lab for detailed performance modelling of many popular endurance events.


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