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Our Free Trial period allows you full access to the Critical Power generator  for 2 months. This is a great opportunity to see how the App works for you and get results from the sessions before signing up to our monthly or annual plan.
£3 / month
Our pay monthly format allows unlimited access and session download on an ongoing basis. You can update your test values at anytime so you can be sure of your training progression and interval sessions are valid. This plan includes a free 2 month Trial period.
only £26!
A one off payment for 12 months subscription saves you £10 over monthy sign-up, and is well worth it for prolonged interval session access over the course of off-season training and race preparation. You are provided with full access and session download.

Introduction to the Generator:

Becoming competitive means training with structure and minimising unnecessary energy expenditure.

Our Critical Power-based Interval session generator is NOW AVAILABLE for a FREE TRIAL sign-up.

This simple yet extremely effective cycling performance application provides cyclists at all levels, a comprehensive personalised training solution with physiologically relevant interval sessions, as determined by your current performance measurements.

Sessions are designed to last approximately 60 minutes for any of the training zones (slightly longer for combined zone sessions of specific conditioning and race simulation). These are an efficient use of both time and energy expenditure, to elicit adaptation and allow appropriate recovery to fit in with a typical working week. Valuable insight into training zones can be found here, and this informative article by Hunter Allen here.

The calculated sessions rely on an optimal number of repetitions with relevant intensity (power) for the most effective duration and your capacity. Sessions are designed in a pyramid style to maximise exposure to the targeted zone, which provides optimal stimulus for either cardio-respiratory and muscular endurance. As these are sub-maximal efforts the training effect relies on increased exposure and complimentary activities such as strength and power conditioning plus also training or social rides.

For your convenience, our Training Peak Online programmes are available for download (at discounted cost here, using code ‘CPSAPP10’). These programmes are designed to schedule appropriate session sequences for concurrent strength and endurance training for personalised power-based training, in a no hassle, easy-to-follow format.

Simply choose a programme relevant to your objective and follow the instructions on how to use the interval session generator below. Workouts can be uploaded to your Garmin or Trainer Road and similar for convenient session conduct to remain motivated and compliant to your training programme for significant, longer term improvements.


How to use the Generator-

You will need to test your Critical Power curve using the protocol supplied at the start of any of the Training Peaks online programmes found at the TP store for CPS In-Motion here. Or use pre-determined values from recent testing or training (efforts from race files are more suitable than training efforts).

The generator calculates your appropriate intensity and time for each zone*, as repetitions followed by recovery steps defaulted to 4 minutes (this will change according to the phase of the programme and you will be directed).

  • Input your ‘tested’ timed trial average powers from your file (easily done on Training peaks or Golden Cheetah), this should be a minimum of 3 values from the drop down fields, ideally 4 and no more than 5 trials.


  • Click ‘Calculate’ for Critical Power, AWC (Anaerobic Work Capacity) and R2 (Coefficient of regression) using the default override values. This will give you your base sessions on your current ability with recovery set at 4 minutes which is typically enough time to process an oxygen debt before starting the next interval. The fitter you become, the less recovery time is needed between intervals.


  • Interval session parameters are displayed in each table for their respective zones or combination.


  • Our online programmes dictate the timing and sequence of which sessions to conduct. Or you may prefer to self-coach and follow guidance on how to improve performance from our complimentary PDF guides available on our homepage.


If you have an accurate LTP value (from recent lab testing) you may override the CP value to provide more physiologically relevant session data along with the calculated AWC value. You may also override the recovery step time as directed by the TP session workout activity description.

Changing the LTP override value also adjusts the recovery intensity which will be dictated in the session workout description also as a percentage of LTP.

The session generator calculated from both Critical Power and Lactate Threshold is based on an extended 2-parameter CP model as described by Morton and Billat 2004.


Once you have set the tested values and variables you can calculate your specific interval session parameters displayed for each zone.

You may download them as a workout file for your Garmin or export them to a ride app like Trainer Road.



The number of reps is currently static for each session, but reflects, on average, the optimal number for the amount of calculated time in each zone, for the individual.

A greater number of reps are included (7) for anaerobic and neuromuscular efforts which tends to deplete AWC optimally for an extremely effective workout. Again these are in pyramid ascending and descending design to optimise intensity exposure, yet push the limits of each zone for effective training to compliment concurrent sessions.

In general, if all intervals can be completed for each session for each zone, without aerobic decoupling (where heart rate increasingly diverges from constant power, below anaerobic intensity) of more than 5% (excluding anaerobic and neuromuscular intensity), then the tested parameter inputs need to be updated.

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