INFO Series FREE Download: Optimal Pacing

The benefits of optimally pacing an event course are often under appreciated leading to poor overall performance and results, regardless of cycling or running fitness.

This FREE info series PDF highlights important considerations in pacing strategies to achieve the optimal result your event, making the most of the fitness you have worked hard for, and applying it to your challenging event course and terrain. The following topics are covered…

  • A brief overview of optimal pacing.
  • Oxygen debt; efficiency, economy and threshold.
  • Start strategy, terrain and weather.
  • Effort prediction, feedback and The Central Govenor Theory.
  • The perfect race? Ball-Buster and Boston Marathon as examples.
  • How can pacing help in highly variable road-racing?
  • How does Heart Rate/ a power meter help improve pacing?
  • Modelling performance and predictive pacing strategies.

Info Series FREE PDF Download: Optimal Pacing

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