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CPS IN-MOTION performance coaching works with cyclists, runners, triathletes, and any type of endurance athlete planning on racing, becoming more fit, or reaching that personal best time for an event. We understand how to improve your athletic ability and maximise your productive training time based on your personal physiological profile. Our effective dynamic strength and endurance training programmes fit YOUR schedule and objectives. Let us help you overcome your frustrations and get you training beyond limits!


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  • Live Demo – Wed 21st Jan @7pm VeloSport, Putney

    Live Demo – Wed 21st Jan @7pm VeloSport, Putney

      This live demonstration of a full lactate threshold profile will provide valuable insight into current endurance sports performance assessment and best practices.  VeloSport’s own Steve James will be the test subject on the night…so come along and witness his suffering! The lactate threshold power/ heart rate is an important parameter of cycling performance, and is now commonly used

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  • Gross Ambition

    Gross Ambition

    This is the time of year we need to be confirming what our events next spring will be, for a couple of good reasons; entrance registrations for the more popular public races open and close relatively quickly due to limited numbers. In particular events abroad have restricted foreign participants to save disappointment unless you have previously seeded or qualified,

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  • Elite vs rest of the world

    Elite vs rest of the world

    Since my first experiences as a youthful spectator of professional cycling watching Gianni Bugno win the 1990 Wincanton Classic in Brighton, I have been fascinated by what it takes for performance cycling passionistas like us to achieve elite status and I am still learning how the process can be accelerated for all of us, with precious little time

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  • Best practice

    Best practice

    As a member of BASES looking to gain accreditation as a Chartered Scientist in Sports and Exercise Science I am obliged to follow the code of conduct which is formed around World Medical Association guidelines for conducting scientific experimentation on human volunteers and subjects enrolled into novel investigation for the purposes of scientific progression. Even

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  • Creatine?


    Finishing a long season of training and racing usually means that we have taken our body to endurance extremes compared to more sedentary individuals. Stressing our muscles and cardio-respiratory system week in, week out can take its toll. So that we remain fresh and strong to start the virtuous training cycle again, we need to change our

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  • Compliance and Success

    Compliance and Success

    Scientists can tend to over think things. Analysing results and being as objective as possible is part of the culture, as to differentiate white from black in a world of grey. Scientific processes [hopefully] use techniques to answer yes / no questions regarding uncertain hypotheses and concepts which may never be understood properly. Using a

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  • Perfect Pacing

    Perfect Pacing

    The club 10 or an odd half-marathon now and again don’t seem to satisfy us endurance athletes anymore, as we seek bigger and bigger challenges the fitter we get. The number of sport science publications have also rocketed in the last few years, on hydration, fuelling and general long distance performance. Ultra-distance events are definitely

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  • Lactate is unique!

    Lactate is unique!

    I have previously described the three primary independent factors which dictate endurance cycling performance which are known to applied exercise physiologists….   1. Gross cycling efficiency – the ability to use oxygen and convert fuel (carbs/fats/ protein etc) to energy in the muscles and is dictated by individual expression of specific metabolic enzymes which control

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