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CPS IN-MOTION performance coaching works with cyclists, runners, triathletes, and any type of endurance athlete planning on racing, becoming more fit, or reaching that personal best time for an event. We understand how to improve your athletic ability and maximise your productive training time based on your personal physiological profile. Our effective dynamic strength and endurance training programmes fit YOUR schedule and objectives. Let us help you overcome your frustrations and get you training beyond limits!


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  • Supercompensation- is not just a big word.

    Supercompensation- is not just a big word.

    If I had to choose what I felt was the most important aspect behind any of the principles of applied exercise physiology, then without doubt I would pick Supercompensation above the rest. Supercompensation explains the mechanism behind how we, as organisms, adapt and respond to any physical stimulus, and is therefore fundamental to performance progression.

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  • Investigating Super Starch (Generation UCAN)

    Investigating Super Starch (Generation UCAN)

    I believe in serendipity. The process of stumbling across a significant finding purely by chance, totally unaware of its potential application. Many great discoveries have been made this way (Viagra, Penicillin and even the microwave oven), as opposed to systematically being teased out, fabricated and ultimately commercialised, with many not standing the true test of

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  • Whole Body Metabolism & Micronutrition 101

    Whole Body Metabolism & Micronutrition 101

    Diet and nutrition is often seen as a contentious subject. The topic is filled with polarised opinions and confusion, often fabricated by over zealous ‘clinical’ nutritionists relying on anecdotal observation or limited clinical evidence at best. The pseudoscientific journalists writing in magazines or online media sponsored by industry giants, trying to sell more advertising space

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  • The shape of things to come

    The shape of things to come

    VO2max testing has long been regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ and ultimate physiological measurement in many types of endurance sport. Even though this performance parameter is seen as the holy grail in sports performance, the numbers are unreliable and have very little value for helping an athlete wishing to progress in training. This might sound

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`` Those who fall in love with practice without science are like a captain of a ship, steering without rudder or compass, and are never sure where they go. ``

- Leonardo Da Vinci