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Performance Coaching Cycling and Running Programmes

Personalised Performance Training for ALL

Personalised Programmes

Following a scientifically structured periodisation programme which has been tailored to your unique physiology and performance objectives is an invaluable approach to improved performance, for any competitive athlete. Dynamic performance coaching cycling and running programmes rely upon the virtuous circle of TRAIN – MEASURE – ADJUST  throughout the programme to remove trial and error, and maintain positive training progression.

Our effective performance cycling and running coaching programmes are based on Strength and Endurance conditioning activities, ideally starting from between 4- 9 months (meso-cycle) prior to your planned event or series of events.

Micro-cycles (7-12 days) of training frequency, duration and intensity are scheduled to suit your expendable training time, work and family life and help achieve maximum compliance. Robust, evidence-based principles are applied individually for optimal training effect, to secure both practical and performance goals. Appropriate durations of the important periodisation phases are customised to create adequate overload and adaptations to achieve peak performance when desired.


The main pillars of sports and exercise science are practically covered in each unique case; Competition analysis, Physiological assessment, Training analysis (holistic), Acute and Chronic training monitoring, Illness and injury vigilance, Data storage and analytics, Feedback and learning. We include a professional dietary and nutritional evaluation at the start of your programme (using Nutritics Clinical), plus we assess biomechanical limitations and mobility, and precribe physiotherapy, myofascial release and soft tissue mobilisation. We also recommend specific stretching exercises as part of self-treatment.

Your plan includes 7 important elements:

  1. PERSONAL GOAL SETTING. Support with choosing challenging events for your season ahead, based on background and training status.
  2. PHYSIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENTS & TESTING. Full lactate or critical power profiling, scheduled as necessary throughout the programme. Assess strengths and weaknesses for selected events. Setting objectives and use as training tools.
  3. STRENGTH & CONDITIONING. Periodised variations in load, repetition and sets for multiple resistance based exercises to influence muscle fibre type composition through each phase.  ADAPTATION, HYPERTROPHY, STRENGTH, POWER & ENDURANCE.
  4. ENDURANCE STRATEGY. Interval training and detailed ride sessions with polarised intensity and volume, periodised for your event(s).
  5. MONITORED TRAINING. Heart rate and power meter data logged and analysed on an fully coached TRAINING PEAKS account.
  6. DYNAMIC PLANNING & FEEDBACK. A personalised and flexible schedule to optimise response and adaptations to training on a weekly basis. Frequent communication and necessary revisions to the plan.
  7. EVENT STRATEGY. Assistance with nutritional and pacing strategies, based on either heart-rate or power to maximise probability of peak performance on race day.

CPS In-Motion welcomes requests from clubs, groups or teams to support their members endurance training and performance. We deliver dynamically prescribed training programmes to large and small groups alike, easy to follow, effective and get results when they are needed. In essence we take you through the whole process and will change your approach to performance cycling, running and competitive events forever!


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