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Anaerobic and aerobic metabolism are synergistic systems of human muscle physiology and biochemistry. The efficiency of these two metabolic ‘engines’ determine a riders absolute endurance and sustainable power. Lactate is now known to be the key physiological biomarker important for predicting competitive performance in a wide array of race disciplines, hill climbing, TT, triathlon, road-race and MTB/ down-hill.

Robust physiological and functional performance assessments are offered to provide support to performance progression and periodised training programmes. Each assessment or test serves a particular purpose for different aspects of physiology involved in cycling and provide fundamental support of the Steering Principle (Measure-Adjust-Train)

Each protocol provides all the data needed to steer any level of competitor in the right direction and gain achievable and realistic levels of fitness, in a transparent and scientific manner. The endpoints for these assessments provide both an objective platform as well as a holistic overview of the athlete. Taken in conjunction with the cyclists history, training status and future objectives, an optimal periodisation plan can be mapped out to achieve peak performance at the right time or for an important event.

Secondary, confirmation of peak performance can be achieved through predictive mathematical models, now being readily used by many competitive cyclists. Training Peaks Performance Manager, Phys Farm Race Day Apollo, Golden Cheetah can process the numbers produced to forecast optimal times for training and competing. Each software application uses a simple windows based presentation of power and/or heart rate data (TRIMP, TRaining IMPulse) from uploadable activity files from a vast array of monitoring devices (GARMIN, POLAR, Cycle-Ops, SRM etc).

All the physiological and functional tests you undertake with us are kept on file as part of your personal biophysical profile. We will store all test and physiological assessment results in our performance database, for easy future reference and track important long-term progress in your training.

Performance cycling has entered a new era, with cutting edge scientific training methods, the advent of cheaper and reliable cycling power-meters and advanced ANT+ technology. It has never been so easy to be in so much control of an effective training programme.

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