Des Martin from PHASES SPORTS THERAPY is a qualified and knowledgeable practitioner in sports physiotherapy, biomechanical assessment and soft tissue mobilisation for athletes from a broad range of disciplines and levels. Des works closely with his clients to address anatomical discrepancies picked up by years of poor technique, injury or inherent physical imbalances.

After an initial assessment, manual treatment to re-align biomechanical harmony is usually the best course taken for resolving acute or chronic muscle issues or postural imbalances through soft-tissue mobilisation. This allows the athlete to experience improvements in physical well-being which translates directly to race performance, and can often be seen in improvements of physiological parameters.

Dynamic bike-fitting may also be included into a flexible treatment programme for achieving optimal position and an increase in aerobic power economy and lactate threshold, important for any competitive athlete.

Please do not hesitate to contact Des if you would like to undergo an initial biomechanical assessment. You can reach him at or on 07507 803269.

``Having discovered the sport of road cycling in 2002, I very quickly became engrossed and fascinated in the science and physiological requirements of a human being, in particular being able to push their bodies to what seemed, and still does seem, utterly unimaginable demands.``


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