BSX Insight - Remote Lactate testing

Revolutionary technology

BSX Insight is the worlds first wearable lactate threshold sensor that uses revolutionary technology to allow you to look inside your muscle. BSX measures blood lactate flowing through the calf muscle using an algorithm based on changes in infra-red light disruption. The device effectively estimates your lactate threshold to generate personalized training zones in a similar way to actual blood lactate measurements, without the finger pricks! However for valid testing you will require the use of a turbo trainer or static ergometer which has a constant work, incremental ramp protocol function, e.g. CompuTrainer or Wahoo Kickr. (NB. The Watt bike does not have this function). Separate devices can be used for cycling and running, but a multi-sport option exists for both. You can perform a regular assessment every 8-10 weeks to keep optimal progression in your training similar to direct blood lactate measurements. Start by pairing your ANT+ enabled heart rate monitor or power meter to BSX Insight to generate your heart rate, power or speed-based training zones. Once you’re ready, just pull on the compression sleeve and secure BSX Insight into the pocket.


  • Measures cycling and running lactate threshold
  • Determines cycling training zones based on power (ANT+) and heart rate (ANT+)
  • Determines running training zones based on pace and heart rate (ANT+)
  • Gold standard measurement gold standard precision
  • Automatic online tracking and analysis
  • Automatic sync to select mobile devices with free iPhone and Android app
  • Share with your friends and coach
  • Pair with for real-time speed up / slow down direction
  • Small, lightweight, and comfortable to wear
  • Also records muscle oxygenation changes


CPS In-Motion perspective…

Real-time lactate monitoring is a ground breaking addition to sports performance and biophysical analysis. Measuring lactate indirectly is more valuable even than tracking blood glucose measurements, which are notoriously difficult to manage as a nutritional programme (as feeding may come too late). Lactate however, is associated with physiological limitations and preserves blood glucose. Muscle oxygen saturation correlates well with blood lactate levels. Knowing this during training or racing is a massive advantage over other competitors. This advanced data feedback is only paralleled with Formula 1 telemetry.



BSX Insight gives any athlete full control of training and self-testing as part of a personalised programme. Our Training Peaks managed coaching accounts provide dynamic scientific support to help you reach your performance objectives. BSX Insight can be incorporated into one of our personal programmes designed to effectively improve your lactate threshold power (greater than 10% target in 6-8 months) and event specific competitive edge, regardless of your current ability.

We offer a 20% DISCOUNT on all BSX Insight devices to athletes who subscribe to a CPS In-Motion training programme or purchase a Training Peaks online plan from the store page here.

You can read more and order at BSX and read the latest study here. Orders must be placed through the link provided to qualify for the 20% DISCOUNT.

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