Physiological assessment 2016 price plan

Personalised Periodisation 2016 price plan

All tests and assessment visits include:

  • Full pre-appointment preparation instructions.
  • An in depth consultation to ascertain rider history, training status and objectives.
  • Fully interpreted results + personalised report with relevant physiological training recommendations for your event(s).
  • Lactate Threshold Profiling report includes accurately calculated energy system training zones to power and heart rate.
  • Critical power calculation report includes specific interval session schedules, unique to your physiology.
  • Test results stored in a personal database for tracking ongoing clinical performance progression.
  • A follow-up dialogue to confirm recommendations and further proposals to address training issues.

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  • Ageing Athletes

    Ageing athletes may experience a decline in performance for various reasons. A loss in muscle mass, termed sarcopenia, may be a primary physiological explanation that is reversible through appropriately focused strength and endurance conditioning. Diet and recovery are even more important for this population, which can dictate how an effective training programme will translate to performance improvements.

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  • Injury and illness rehabilitation

    Recovering from an accident or rehabilitation for a medical condition can take its time. Motivated athletes are always keen to jump back on the bike quite quickly…..although this is sometimes detrimental to both the healing process and development of a baseline fitness to advance rapidly from, with more certainty.

  • Muscle Imbalance

    Many athletes who have not previously performed resistance training in the off-season are unknowingly placing themselves at a performance disadvantage. Rigourous endurance training without appropriate neuromuscular stimulation and recovery is ultimately a catabolic process, meaning that wasting (atrophy) of crucial muscle groups may be advanced.

  • Over Training Syndrome

    Over-training syndrome is not easily diagnosed. The condition can manifest itself over a period of months and years, particularly in highly committed racing cyclists who put too much pressure on themselves to perform well over a prolonged period. Even more recreational type cyclists can miss the mark with their training schedule, and experience large declines and erratic performance over time. The ability to recover from what would be classed as a normal training stimulus is seen in changes of heart rate, power, lactate and hormonal markers such as ACTH, DHEA and cortisol for adrenal insufficiency. Suppressed power and lactate values may also be seen at higher heart rates and perceived exertion as demonstrated by Lamberts sub-maximal cycle test.

  • Weight loss

    Being more agile on the bike is just simply more fun, and riding big hills easily is on most peoples agenda. Although power-to-weight ratio is a helpful number for those focused on high performance and racing, aerobic endurance through cycling is an ideal tool to drop a few kilos when carried out with a controlled diet. Establishing your Fat(max) intensity through a full lactate threshold profile provides the perfect tool for achieving rapid fat loss, while enjoying ride sessions on precious free time.