Strength & Conditioning: Personal Training Sessions

As the principal physiologist at CPS In-Motion, I provide diverse clients with the motivation, instruction and know-how they require to improve their athleticism and physique. As an experienced practitioner in performance sport, along with a background in human metabolism and physiology I apply scientific principles to the real-world. I often work with very challenging cases restricted by medical ailments or previous injury.

Objective driven, weight-bearing exercise is fundamental to developing the stable foundation, necessary for endurance athletes and body-builders alike. Depending on the performance aspirations of clients and their event timing, or even just motivation to change body composition, tone up and increase overall strength, session prescription should be well-considered as every persons physiology is unique.

Understanding how our body responds to different stresses from changes in load, repetitions and numbers of sets for specific exercises concurrent with aerobic exercise, through hormonal changes and appropriate nutrition is an insightful and rewarding process. A knowledgeable (and insured) practitioner should be able to effectively minimise trial and error, so that stable, long term results are achieved with minimal wasted training time.

As a British Association of Sports and Exercise Science (BASES) professional, I work with a comprehensive and personable approach.  I am able to rationalise and justify the session prescription as part of a learning process. This tends to benefit my clients tremendously.

Consultation on your personal training needs and one-to-one session instruction are available. Following an appraisal of your specific objectives, I will design and instruct your sessions as necessary, at times and locations of your choice.

Session rates depend on travel time and complexity of the strength and conditioning required. Reduced rates are available as part of a full-programme of sessions.

Investing in our long term health and fitness is invaluable….

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