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Design a Periodised Training Programme

Personalised Performance Training for ALL

Following a well designed training programme is the first step to achieving significantly better performances on the road at the right time. Our muscles and metabolism are regulated by physiological principles of supercompensation in response to exercise, basically they get stronger for a certain period after the stress, as part of adaptation. The way that we schedule and prescribe particular exercises is through periodisation, to achieve the necessary adaptations and event specific conditioning.

As an experienced performance coach, I design dynamic periodisation programmes for an array of different clients targeting a broad spectrum of events with unique challenges and demands. I have maintained a very high success rate in achieving client objectives to date.

This COMPLIMENTARY info series PDF highlights the main elements involved when designing an effective and personalised periodisation programme to reach peak performance for your event or competitive season….

  • A basic introduction to supercompensation and periodisation.
  • Tracking and monitoring performance: The ‘Steering Principle’.
  • A typical periodisation programme in practice.
  • The main factors to consider when planning a programme.

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