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Generation UCAN Superstarch

Personalised Performance Training for ALL


Generation UCAN Superstarch for endurance sport is a hydrothermally modified cornstarch based on an original formulation designed to treat rare genetic disorders of metabolism, termed glycogen storage disease (GSD). The collection of different types of storage disease (Von Gierkes, Mc Ardles, Pompes, Cori etc) are characterised by an impaired ability to convert glycogen to glucose in the liver. Newborns with glycogen storage disease need to be fed a frequent source of carbohydrate to maintain blood glucose levels or else they risk experiencing severe hypoglycemia and ultimately death. The development of Superstarch evolved from an innovative product discovery for a food that could provide up to ten hours release of energy (as glucose) for infants with Glycogen Storage Disease, and for Diabetics who frequently experience episodes of low blood sugar during the night.

Enhanced endurance through fat metabolism

Recent research has indicated that ingesting a formula containing slow-digesting carbohydrates can lower postprandial (after a meal) glucose responses, attenuate insulin changes, and promote higher levels of Glucagon-like peptide-1, whereas daily ingestion over a 6 month period of high sucrose (high-glycemic) diet can impair glucose uptake and increase enzymes related to lipogenesis (fat synthesis).

Subsequently this has led to the creation of a new scientifically proven energy source called SuperStarch – the only carbohydrate of its kind that delivers sustained energy, helps you burn fat, lets you recover efficiently and allows you to perform at your peak. This complex carbohydrate provides a steady release of glucose, keeping blood-sugar levels (energy) steady for several hours while your bodys promotes more efficient use of fat metabolism. This discovery has proven to be like gold for athletes, but it was even more significant for patients afflicted by glycogen storage disorders, which meant they could live more normal and active lives.  Read more here.


CPS In-Motion has put SuperStarch to the test and assessed it’s potential impact on performance through a brief look into the effect on lactate-power-heart rate kinetics on a simple yet practical endurance test and time trial effort ‘on-the-road’ rather than captured in the lab, for more external and pragmatic generalisation. You can read more from the study here.

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