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A Guide to Lactate Threshold Testing

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Lactate is a well characterised and known indicator of metabolic stress. Measuring an endurance athletes lactate threshold power-to-weight (or pace for running) and heart rate is best practice for establishing physiologically relevant training zones and exercise prescription. Power-to-weight or pace at lactate threshold is an important biometric parameter, predictive of event success and is used by many global pro-teams and elite athletes. Robust lactate threshold testing and profiling not only provides insight into an individuals strengths and weaknesses, but also acts as an effective tool for optimally productive training, without the need for trial and error.

This FREE info series PDF highlights the main aspects of Lactate Threshold testing, its’ practical use and important role as part of an effective training programme for all types of cyclists or runners….read more about our Lactate Threshold testing service here.

  • A basic introduction into the physiological context of Lactate Threshold.
  • Why Lactate Threshold power-to-weight or pace is an important predictor of performance.
  • What are the main benefits of testing lactate threshold?
  • How is Lactate Threshold measured?
  • Lactate Threshold profiling in practice; Example I.
  • Lactate Threshold profiling in practice; Example II.

Who am I? A biochemist and metabolism scientist with a background in applied physiology. I prescribe effectively personalised training programmes to a small yet diverse client based, to overcome their challenges and limitations that are preventing them from being fully competitive, excelling or just thoroughly enjoying their chosen endurance sport!

As a dedicated sports scientist, I also have a substantial background in road-racing and marathon which compliments my extensive practical knowledge of the disciplines and requirements to go faster for longer, and achieve desired success.

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Simon, Head of Performance, CPS In-Motion.

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