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Head-to-Head LTP profiling – Road vs Triathlon

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Head-to-Head LTP profiling – Road vs Triathlon

Head-to-Head LTP profiling – Road vs Triathlon

We are going to compare the difference in lactate threshold profiles between four classes of high-level competitive endurance cyclists; two top international triathletes and two pure-play road racers (Elite and a veteran 2nd Cat).

Its the end of the season and most competitive athletes who have stopped racing and full-time training will be in recovery mode after a considerable amount of time at peak performance, which means no riding for most, and soon they will be experiencing de-training effects. Before that happens, and they start off-season training for 2014, lets have a look at how lactate threshold profiles compare between these well-trained and elite category cyclists.

We will follow-up with all four athletes at the end of their winter training and see what changes have occurred in each of their profiles before they start competing again. It should be fascinating to see who has made the most improvement and with what sort of training efficiency using their calculated training levels for each physiological system based on their estimated Maximum Lactate Steady State values.

I’m sure each of them will personally comment on how their season has gone and what they expect to do (and change) to get even better for next year……

Stay tuned to find out more- results coming soon!


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