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Heart Rate versus Power

Personalised Performance Training for ALL

Monitoring Training

Heart rate and Power-based performance coaching provides the most effective training prescription for endurance cyclists at all levels. Heart rate monitoring alone is not an ideal biometric tool to prescribe and analyse training activities due to severe, physiologically relevant limitations. The dual approach offers the objectivity required to steer a programme and minimise trial and error so each turn of the pedal is not wasted energy. Learning how your body responds to training intensity, duration and frequency can be accelerated into a period of months rather than years by using power and heart rate monitoring combined.

This free info series PDF highlights the advantages of training with a power meter, improving the productivity of your endurance programme and which aspects to consider when choosing the right device for you and your bike….

  • A basic introduction into the physiology of endurance exercise.
  • What is the fundamental purpose of the training zones?
  • What are the limitations of training with Heart Rate?
  • How does a Power Meter improve your training and racing?
  • What are the main considerations when choosing a power meter?

Who am I? A biochemist and metabolism scientist with a background in applied physiology. I prescribe effectively personalised training programmes to a small yet diverse client based, to overcome their challenges and limitations that are preventing them from being fully competitive, excelling or just thoroughly enjoying their chosen endurance sport!

As a dedicated sports scientist, I also have a substantial background in road-racing and marathon which compliments my extensive practical knowledge of the disciplines and requirements to go faster for longer, and achieve desired success.

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Simon, Head of Performance. CPS In-Motion.

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