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Success at The London Duathlon

Personalised Performance Training for ALL

Success at the London Duathlon

Good performance doesn’t stop at training alone. Avoiding physical crises such as glycogen shortage or ‘bonking’, cramps and managing an excessive oxygen deficit is achieved through executing an optimal pacing strategy on the day.

Matching your fitness to event demands will help you avoid failing to finish at worst, and even better, setting personal best or a very solid result to beat for the next time!

This FREE info series PDF provides a sound pacing strategy to heart rate, power and relative perceived effort for the run-bike-run sections in relevant detail, so all that is left for you to do is get your transitions sorted….

  • Introduction to the London duathlon.
  • What are the main factors of performance on race day?
  • What physiological crises could affect a PB time or cause a DNF (Did Not Finish)?
  • What does ‘optimal pacing’ look like practically on the day?
  • How do we apply suitable pacing to the event?
  • Nutrition and hydration strategy.

Who am I? A biochemist and metabolism scientist with a background in applied physiology. I prescribe effectively personalised training programmes to a small yet diverse client based, to overcome their challenges and limitations that are preventing them from being fully competitive, excelling or just thoroughly enjoying their chosen endurance sport!

As a dedicated sports scientist, I also have a substantial background in road-racing and marathon which compliments my extensive practical knowledge of the disciplines and requirements to go faster for longer, and achieve desired success.

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