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Mike U- Swiss Ironman & Ball Buster 2018

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Ironman & Duathlon

Michael started his performance programme with CPS In-Motion in July 2016, his initial target event was the Swiss Ironman 2017. Mike had already raced a solid time in 2014 of 10h 48′. Running was his strongest discipline, with a run leg of 3h48 which wasn’t representative of his good 10km pace. We set significant, yet realistic event and performance objectives…of at least a 10% improvement in personal best time and 15% increase in lactate power-to-weight and lactate threshold pace for running.

Like many competitive endurance athletes, fitting high volume training weeks around a busy schedule isnt practical in terms of compliance, but also ability to adapt and recover in quick succession. Having a prolonged preparatory period before the big event meant that we were able to lay solid foundations in strength and conditioning, with some focus on soft-tissue mobilisation and sports physiotherapy to re-align any biomechanical imbalances which may act as limiters of performance.

Mike had also selected well-timed training races to act as milestones and breakthrough events for practicing pacing and strategy, and translate training to performance, including shorter distance road running events, cycling sportive and a half-ironman. We started to optimally blend aerobic conditioning of cycling and running, complementary with resistance sessions gauged at sufficient intensity to incrementally increase exposure for cardio-respiratory improvements in both disciplines. At the same time we were able to focus on lactate threshold power and pace for increasing duration, although there was a need to boost Mikes anaerobic capacity as he had been commited to steady-state cycling for much of his previous training and high volumes of running. Both together, this frequently effects sustainable lactate power and requires improvements in anaerobic capacity to correct.

Mike was able to complete almost full phases of resistance periodisation of adaptation, strength, power and endurance before focusing on practical performance and breakthough distances. A top 10 in the 8 miler Lidl Breakfast run at just under 50 minutes, was a solid indication of good marathon performance trajectory with brick sessions planned imminently. This was also represented by a tremendous change in lactate threshold pace and heart rate which we measured with the highest sustainable aerobic pace at almost 2km/hr faster than baseline (see image right).

Reluctantly, a few months prior to the event, Mikes programme came to a premature end due to over-riding life demands which weren’t compatible with his training schedule and objectives. Clearly disappointed, Mike was able to navigate his immediate responsibilities well without his conditioning deteriorating too far below his baseline. In December 2017 he recommenced his training to target the Geneva half marathon but unfortunately suffered a severe non-training related injury, fracturing a bone in his foot earlier this year.

Mike is now more motivated than ever to bounce back from this setback, even stronger and faster, targeting the 2018 BallBuster read more here, as we steer him through rehabilitation and build the foundations for this exceptionally challenging duathlon event in the south-east, UK for a top performance.

Simons scientific and holistic approach to training has not only led me to a PB in road racing but has kept me fit and healthy throughout the year. Blood lactate tests on the treadmill and the turbo as well as remote testing ensured the training sessions were frequently adapted to my fitness improvements and specific weaknesses.” Mike U