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Myomax- Protein blend

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Myomax Protein blend from SciTec Nutrition

Our bodies require significant amounts of protein intake to support muscle turnover from normal daily activity. This may be easily acquired from lean food sources high in protein content. Endurance athletes participating in moderate and severe training sessions typically need to increase their protein levels to match the extra demand place on increased muscle repair and turnover.  Improvement in performance is dependent on both recovery and adaptation from training sessions, and is as important as training itself. Cyclists and multisport competitors often find themselves under-powered because of inadequate nutrition, tending to favour favour restricted carbohydrate for fat loss. However, if sufficient protein and the right stimulus for repair isn’t available, then muscle mass or density is lost (although this may be a desirable outcome in some scenarios for impeding muscle mass) and the quality of muscle fibers deteriorate leading to reduced power to weight or lower running pace, even if other performance parameters are trained.

The Science of Protein

Supplementary protein is often a convenient choice, as typical food choices may not provide the levels of amino acids necessary to promote muscle repair at the right time. A dedicated protein blend with appropriate levels of (non)essential and branched chain amino acids such as L-Alanine, L-Glutamine, IsoLeucine and L-Valine and phenylalanine should be a serious consideration for dedicated competitors during strength and endurance training in the winter, and maintained during the competitive season. Much evidence has demonstrated that endurance athletes are equally, if not more dependent on consuming correct amounts and tyes of calories as bodybuilders. Periodising nutritional intake is dependent of the activity type and aerobic or anaerobic duration and intensity involved. Protein ingestion is optimal in four or five windows of 25g every 4 hours of the day, with greater sensitivity after workouts, in the morning and before bed, for optimally repairing muscles. To understand more about the science of protein please take a look here.

Myomax Hardcore is a complete all-in-one solution to both strength and endurance training nutritional demands. 30 grammes of whey protein and 45 grammes of carbohydrate provide a sufficient foundation to trigger insulin and stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS). 14% “MyoMax Hardcore” Proprietary Matrix including Proprietary HARDCORE Multi-Component Creatine Matrix (5500 mg). Proprietary “BETA” Matrix (4210 mg).

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