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Nutritics – Dietary Analysis

Personalised Performance Training for ALL

Understanding how food intake is matched with activity is an important part of performance progression. Micro and macro-nutritional deficiences can be flagged even before any signs are obvious or are detrimental to long term training.

Nutritional periodisation, is important for changing body composition to achieve optimal power-to-weight. This can be particularly relevant for athletes looking to lose fat and/ or build lean mass. Careful appraisal of daily intake allows controlled weight loss or gain based on your macro-nutritional composition of carbohydrate/ protein / fat and how this is suitably matched with your and training sessions intensity, duration and purpose.

For instance, truly objective dietary awareness is difficult as we become locked into eating what we think is a diverse and healthy balance for our daily requirements. However, if we are training in a phase with high intensity intervals (which may rely heavily on anaerobic capacity) and our diet has a large fat component, our carbohydrate metabolism and glycogen storage in the liver and muscles will become restricted, performance will suffer and fat loss/ oxidation is suppressed. Fat metabolism generally is too slow to create enough ATP for intense exercise, although below threshold power we aim to improve the maximal rate of fat metabolism, the balance can be difficult to achieve.

Nutritional analysis which allows us to measure whether we have the right fuel mixture, at each phase in training, so that we are not limiting our training through inadequate nutrition has become an important part of any training programme.

Deeper analysis into macro- and micro-nutrients can provide excellent feedback for not only Daily Recommended Values (DRV) but actual personal requirements for training and suggested meal plans can help achieve objectives much more quickly!

Two weeks of dietary log arre necessary with a further two weks follow-up later in your progrramme to confirm changes are aligned with training. This means precious training time isn’t bogged down with paperwork! A stand-alone analysis can be performed upon request.

Our advanced Nutritics Dietary Analysis service is £120, which covers initial consultation and both reports with professional recommendations.

Nutritics Dietary Analysis