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Training Peaks – Online Performance Plans

Personalised Performance Training for ALL

Personalised Online Performance Training Plans

CPS In-Motion has published a discrete selection of power, heart rate and cadence based online performance plans on the popular Training Peaks platform. These offer an effective and convenient semi-tailored ‘off-the-shelf’ solution to improve lactate threshold power for athletes of different abilities. Online plans provide a great alternative for individuals who are time restricted or prefer not to rely on a fully supported programme, and are motivated by self-coaching.

Typical programme duration is between 3-9 months, and are designed to suit cyclists and runners from beginner to advanced, preparing for competitive events heavily reliant on power-to-weight, endurance and repetitive high intensity efforts. Lactate Threshold is understood to be the most important performance factor in most types of long-distance endurance cycling, which is predictive of individual success.

From Triathlon to Granfondos and Sportives to E/1/2/3 road races, improving lactate threshold and expanding your aerobic capacity is key to peak performance.

All online performance plans require the use of a power-meter or smart trainer with power reading, in conjunction with heart rate monitoring so you may assess aerobic decoupling (heart rate drift) during key interval sessions and steady-state efforts. All plans have been recently updated with annotated session description, rationale, race strategy, pacing and nutritional advice.

Plans are also categorised into initial baseline ability based on power, and users should recruit the services of a knowledgeable exercise practitioner or sports scientist to determine accurate and reproducible lactate threshold power numbers, and be prepared to attend a follow-up when scheduled. A full blood lactate profile or BSX oxygen saturation determination is far more accurate than the crude method of FTP estimation, read why.

Users should expect a significant improvement in baseline lactate threshold power (heart rate can change either direction) if good compliance is met, and is also dependent on diet, stress levels and quality of recovery/ sleep.

Further, fully customised online Training Peaks performance plans can be designed with YOUR specific event in mind….please get in touch to discuss your event and training needs and for a full quote.

Track, analyze and plan on the web.

I bought your LTP improvement training plan from Trainingpeaks, I am half way through the plan and have increased my LTP by 20 watts already!Marco B


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