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Over-Training Syndrome

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Over-Training Syndrome (OS)

Underperformance in endurance athletes is typical after increased training volume or more intense workout or race sessions. Recovery through adaptation to training stress is key to improved conditioning. Often though, some athletes believe this temporary underperformance is improved by increasing intensity, duration and frequency of sessions. This can unfortunately lead to (Non Functional Over-Reaching) NFOR at the very least or enter the athlete into a downward spiral of Over-Training in the worst case, especially when recovery is sub-optimal for long periods of time due to stress, poor nutritional choices and changes in sleep pattern.

This complimentary info series PDF describes the current understanding and possible under-performance scenario motivated athletes may find themselves in, and provide recommended investigation through medical professionals and changes to training structure on a difficult and emotional path back to full health.

  • A Brief overview of OS.
  • Poor recovery and adaptation can lead to Non Functional Over-Reaching (NFOR).
  • Biochemical mechanism; Adrenal insufficiency & Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome (RED-S).
  • Diagnosis; Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR)/ Hypothalamus Pituitary Axis (HPA).
  • Prevention, treatment, ‘adaptogens’ and optimal training prescription in OS.

Who am I? A biochemist and metabolism scientist with a background in applied physiology. I prescribe effectively personalised training programmes to a small yet diverse client based, to overcome their challenges and limitations that are preventing them from being fully competitive, excelling or just thoroughly enjoying their chosen endurance sport!

As a dedicated sports scientist, I also have a substantial background in road-racing and marathon which compliments my extensive practical knowledge of the disciplines and requirements to go faster for longer, and achieve desired success.

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Simon, Head of Performance, CPS In-Motion.

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