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Performance Coaching; Cycling and Running Programmes

Personalised Performance Training for ALL

OPTIMA+L Performance Coaching


Following a scientifically structured periodisation programme which has been tailored to your unique physiology and event objectives is an invaluable approach to improved performance. Our expertise is in delivering fully specific programmes to sportive, club riders, and TTers to new entrant racers looking to succeed in the sport, seniors, veterans and masters who may need more direction and support to get to the next level. Many of our clients are returning from prolonged injury or illness, or after a few years out from the sport.

Our dynamic performance coaching cycling and running programmes rely upon the robust virtuous circle of TRAIN – MEASURE – ADJUST  throughout a programme to remove trial and error, and maintain positive performance progression.


The CPS In-Motion OPTIMA+L process provides a comprehensive solution to maximise your performance, achieve significant objectives, results, and improve your competitive edge over the longer-term:


OOrganic fitness; training is aligned with busy routines to maximise results from sessions.
PPhysiologically-based; highlight performance strengths and weaknesses through athlete profiling.
TTraining specificity; match physical requirements with event demands for maximised success.
IIntensity driven; intervals above threshold and polarised training for the time-crunched athlete.
MMetabollically orientated; individual needs (muscle type) for strength and nutrition requirements.
AAchievable goals; translates to maximising success at your event or performance objective.
LLong-term; Long-Term Athlete Development is an important part of the bigger picture.


The main principles of sports and exercise science are applied:

  • Competition analysis for event demands and performance planning.
  • Physiological assessment, lactate threshold and critical power.
  • Training analysis (with the Training Peaks platform).
  • Acute and Chronic training monitoring.
  • Illness and injury vigilance.
  • Data storage and analytics.
  • Feedback and learning.

CPS In-Motion welcomes requests from clubs, groups or teams to support their members endurance training and performance. We deliver dynamically prescribed training programmes to large and small groups alike, easy to follow, effective and get results when they are needed. In essence we take you through the whole process and will change your approach to performance cycling, running and competitive events forever!

Support Package for OPTIMA+L coaching:

  • Initial consultation to appraise athletic background, training status and event or physiological objectives.
  • Lab grade lactate testing to set baseline and training tools, for meticulous accurate and robust zones to power/ heart rate.
  • Objectives setting for event/ races and translation from physiology.
  • Personalised interval sessions calculated from our critical power CPS-Gen calculator.
  • Full training materials as reference and rationale of session prescription.
  • Training Peaks programmes for premium account holders, session description, uploadable to Garmin, Zwift, TrainerRoad etc
  • Power/Heart rate data analysis and activity feedback. Weekly summary email/ call as necessary.
  • Session/ programme revisions to maintain performance progression.
  • Professional dietary and nutritional evaluation (using Nutritics Clinical) and follow-up analysis.
  • Follow-up robust lactate and Critical Power lab testing to maintain and confirm programme effectiveness.
  • Event strategy/ pacing recommendations, modelled to power/ heart rate data to be maximally precise and hit objectives!
  • Your performance is optimally directed by experts in sports science.


Sign-up fee and monthly support POA. Call Simon 07729 729 628.

A personalised CPS In-Motion OPTIMA+L programme is an important investment in health, well-being, athleticism and learning about effective physical development for your sport of passion!


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