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Sarah M

Personalised Performance Training for ALL

Strength & Power development, Triathlon and Epic Century prep.

As an experienced Sprint/OD triathlete of over a decade, Sarah has been anticipating her first pure century ride in August, 2018.

Besides her solid endurance base of previous events, Sarah was conscious of recording a solid bench mark rather than just making it to the finish line. That typically means the difference between well structured training and just random recommendations from various unqualified sources or journalism.

Sarah’s preparation at the start of last year under the guidance of CPS has been to dramatically improve short duration intensive aerobic and anaerobic power, whilst working in parallel on her economy during longer weekend, more ‘social’ training rides under the north Californian sun.

As part of a tailored strength and conditioning programme, Sarahs cycling specific resistance exercises were power orientated, of progressive low to high load, and high repetitions based on short duration time to improve muscular endurance, both as an anaerobic and aerobic stimulus.

Her targeted training race was the Sonoma Triathlon in July 2018, where she could gain an understanding of her form, closer to the big event. Sarah was extremely pleased with her performance (1h45 and 5th age group female) feeling much more comfortable and less cardio-vascular stress throughout, recording a personal best of more than 15 minutes quicker compared to one year prior.

Sarahs’ training has now turned towards greater intensity on a progressively increasing bike distance, incorporating interval-based efforts on the rolling terrain around Napa with only heart-rate guidance. Managing fatigue and adaptation in this specific conditioning period will be the greatest challenge before starting her taper in the countdown to her Epic 100miler!

Sarah M