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Strength & Conditioning – Personal Training sessions

Personalised Performance Training for ALL


Our head of clinical performance at CPS In-Motion, Simon delivers strength and conditioning personal training to diverse individuals at all levels, with the motivation, instruction and know-how they require to improve their athleticism and functional strength, crucial for competitive performance. As an experienced physiologist and practitioner in performance sport, Simon effectively applies robust scientific principles case-by-case. He often works with very challenging clients who struggle to respond, or may be in rehabilitation from illness or previous injury.

Objective driven, weight-bearing exercise is fundamental to developing a stable foundation, crucial for competitive endurance athletes who cycle or run, or both. Depending on your performance aspirations or events, or even just motivation to change body composition, tone up and increase overall strength, resistance sessions should be a crucial part of your training.

Understanding how our body responds to different stresses from changes in load, repetitions and numbers of sets for specific exercises concurrent with aerobic exercise, through hormonal changes and appropriate nutrition is an insightful and rewarding process for everyone. A knowledgeable practitioner should be able to effectively minimise trial and error, so that stable, long term results are achieved with minimal wasted training time.

As a British Association of Sports and Exercise Science (BASES) professional, Simon works with a comprehensive and personable approach.  Simon is able to rationalise and justify the session prescription as part of a learning process, to benefit all clients at any stage in their training. Following an appraisal of your specific objectives, full programme design and sessions are delivered at times and locations of your choice or at our shared studio in Raynes Park, SW20 TrainingZone.

Personal training session rates (start from £40/hr) depend on travel time and duration of a programme. Please call to discuss your needs.

Investing in our long term health and fitness has never been so valuable….