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Success at the London Duathlon!

Our Perspective on Human Performance

Success at the London Duathlon!

Success at the London Duathlon!

This coming weekend, the London Duathlon will be raced for another year in the Royal Richmond park. The course is surprisingly far from flat and should not be under-estimated. So your preparation better have been top notch!

However, good performance doesn’t stop at training alone. Avoiding physical crises such as glycogen shortage or ‘bonking’, cramps and managing an excessive oxygen deficit is achieved through executing an optimal pacing strategy on the day.

As the principal exercise physiologist at CPS in-Motion many of my clients participate in events such as the London Duathlon and in the Ball-Buster to test end of season fitness or target a pb. This highlights ‘on-the-road’ performance strengths and weaknesses moving into winter preparation for the following year.

As part of the performance support I provide, event preparation is key, and I have found myself with sound race strategy advice and insight that I want to share with other participants, for their benefit. Rather than purely textbook principles, this info PDF covers many of the practical points that you may address in advance of race day, to achieve the result you deserve.

  1. Introduction to the London duathlon.
  2. What are the main factors of performance on race day?
  3. What physiological crises could affect a PB time or cause a DNF (Did Not Finish)?
  4. What does ‘optimal pacing’ look like practically on the day?
  5. How do we apply suitable pacing to the event?
  6. Nutrition and hydration strategy.

Avoid disappointment on the day and subscribe to our complimentary info PDF here to get the advantage on your competition!

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