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Virgin London Marathon Deferred

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Virgin London Marathon Deferred

Virgin London Marathon Deferred


The most sensible decision is often the hardest to make.

Realising extensive training over the last few months will not be fruitful is difficult to accept. But the reality is the inflammation hadn’t subsided enough and more damage may be done which risks a long term debilitating condition. Even though I felt that I would be able to still include some necessary long runs in the time left, I would most likely be unable to recover from those either, pus the chance of aggravating the condition.

Long term, I would rather be able to walk than not, just for the sake of a marathon. In fact, even after some trial short runs the tendonitis returned with a vengeance so it was time to call it a day. Being incapacitated was a novel concept to me after many years of competing injury free. Definitely not a pleasant experience, after being completely mobile and active to not, trying to manage diet after calorie expenditure plummeting. Stretching and strength work are the only options.

With 3.5 weeks to go, I deferred my entry to 2019, not ideal, but guarantees me to give it another go if I decide to get in shape for it. So, what better way to kill two birds with one stone, is plan for an interim event which will both be motivation from this point forward and spring board to the VLM start line next year.

Although I was contemplating Berlin, Stockholm, or Turin marathons as a substitute, timings and logistics don’t seem convenient at the moment. An ideal event I can think to do this is the November BallBuster duathlon which would be a good bridge, as many of the other major 2018 marathons are now closed for entry. I have recommended the Ball Buster to many clients who run and cycle. Many of them have enjoyed the immense challenge a preparation that goes along with not just making sure they finish but also get a deserved result. For that reason I present Ball Buster specific training and pacing workshops for those who are also looking to secure a top performance for themselves and ultimately avoid disappointment.

For whatever reason, training for an event is always better than not training, and avoiding injury and illness is key to maximising your performance progression with the correct structure and combination of activities, specific not only for the event, but also for your unique physiology, something that many training programmes tend to overlook, and can lead to disappointment on the day.

Good luck to those participating on Sunday, remember pain is only transient…failure lasts forever!





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